Miami finally has its own Halloween movie with the perfect name: ‘Trico Tri’


It’s October, and we are already pumped for the last day of the month.

That would be because of Halloween.

We at are still not too old to celebrate by watching movies geared toward the spookiest holiday.

One in particular we are excited about is “Trico Tri: Happy Halloween,” which was shot entirely in Miami.

The Spanglish flick, which premiered Friday, is produced by local hot shot Armando Gutierrez (“The Little Mermaid”) and written by Yamil Piedra, a Cuban-American comedian and actor (and the diabolical genius behind this series).

The young stars are Kendall Vertes, who appeared on “Dance Moms,” and Martha Picanes, a telenovela actress who is currently touring with “¿Que Pasa USA? Today.”  There are also two Nickelodeon cuties in the cast, Carson Rowland from “I Am Frankie” and Nick Merico from “Every Witch Way.”

The movie focuses on a group of high schoolers who discover an abandoned house, aka The Brandford Home, in the Little River District. They soon find out the place is full of ghosts – and haunted- and a ghostbuster is called in to deal with the issue. The dude’s from “Miami Paranormal Hunters.” Don’t bother looking up that business on Yelp.

One of the ghosts in the movie, Christy (played by  Vertes), falls in love with the young teen, who moves into the haunted house with his family. They go on a date around parts of Miami including Wynwood Walls, South Pointe in South Beach and Little Havana.

The bilingual comedy, complete with subtitles (!), was directed by Christian Vogeler, an award-winning filmmaker of such shorts as “Danny Boy” and “I Love New York.”

Fun to see movie stuff going on in our neck of the woods.