Matthew McConaughey gets fit in Miami while shooting movie

He’s one of us now.

Matthew McConaughey is South Florida, shooting his upcoming comedy Beach Bums and obviously taking advantage of our weather.

Bless the Daily Mail for snagging photos of the Oscar winner jogging on what appears to be the Venetian Causeway Saturday morning.

Sorry, the fitness fanatic – who once described his intense, epic workouts to Men’s Fitness – wasn’t topless. McConaughey was dressed super casually for his outdoor jaunt, in a sleeveless T shirt featuring a rainbow and star, along with long jogging shorts.

Though, bless his heart, the actor rarely uses social media so we can track his every move, his wife Camila Alves, does.

On her Instagram you can see the model turned businesswoman on the cover of Ocean Drive magazine’s November issue.

The Brazilian mother of three gave a little insight into what makes their marriage tick: couple time.

“Sometimes it’s just a staycation, taking one night at a hotel that’s 15 minutes away from your house,” she told the glossy. “But you pack a backpack. You go to dinner. You get to have talks and sleep in the next day. Walk around, have breakfast and lunch together.”

So look for these two around town.