Martha Stewart found something to do in Florida after getting stranded due to winter storm


This winter storm situation is not a good thing for Martha Stewart.

The domestic doyenne was more than inconvenienced by the bomb cyclone that’s inundating the Northeast.

Stewart wrote on her social media Thursday that she was stuck in the Sunshine State, thanks to Mother Nature.

“I am stranded in Florida like many other holiday travelers and I am looking for great things to do here in semi frigid temperatures?” she wrote as a cruise ship pulls away.

Any ideas? We have plenty at, but that’s beside the point.

There are bigger problems, namely the crops farmers (and people) rely on to survive.

“It is really inclement here And I am worried about the farm crops and citrus crops!” complained Stewart, who has been in Palm Beach for the holidays. “But I know it is even worse up north where people cannot even get to work and pipes are freezing and trees breaking!!!”

All’s well that ends well. The TV personality ended up at the Breakers for a pampering session.