Madonna's bro looking for musicians

Musicians, here’s your shot to be a reality star.

Madonna‘s little brother Christopher Ciccone is bringing The Ciccone Factory to town.

In the proposed series — which kicked off Wednesday night at Bar 721 in Miami Beach — Ciccone lines up wannabe performers with resources.

“The idea is to bring together photographers, musicians, artists, stylists and video directors and have them work toward a single goal of putting this person out on the club circuit,” he says.

The actual concept is still a work in progress. “It’s essentially like a Warhol Factory for the 21st century with music as a base [to] assess what kind of talent is happening in Miami right now.”

So will Madge drop by? The two had a falling out in 2008 after Chris, 49, penned the tell-all My Life With My Sister Madonna. They’re better now.

“We’ve gotten back to e-mail stage,” Ciccone says of his iconic sibling. “She’s busy opening up a bunch of gyms, but she’s more than welcome to stop by. She’s an inspiration to a lot of people.”

Auditions start 10 p.m. Wednesdays at Bar 721, 721 N. Lincoln Ln., Miami Beach; 305-573-0882.