‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ has a new cast member — and she’s a piece of work


There’s a new cast member on Love & Hip Hop Miami, which premiered on VH1 Wednesday night.

And Jessie Woo adds even more drama to the already combustible mix.

But we’re thinking, that was probably the point.

So who is Woo, exactly?

Besides being an amazing singer, she fancies herself a bit of a lifestyle guru  and star of social media, where she became known for her comedy skits (her influence: Jamie Foxx). Though born in Canada and raised in Miami, she uses a Haitian accent in her sketches and often channels her strict mom, an evangelical preacher.

The effervescent entertainer, who recently moved back home after a stint in NYC, also hosts self help Seeester (three e’s) Talk Live events, discussing various  topics from relationships, business and beauty.

Woo may also serve as  a foil as the season progresses. She and breakout star Amara La Negra clash. Badly. Things even turn physical.

Nothing (and no one) can take away La Negra’s glitter, though.

She told Page Six before the premiere: “I’m too busy being successful and working on my own craft and trying to be great to be concerned about people’s opinions about me,” she said.

So yeah.

But all’s fair in love…and hip hop.

The show airs Wednesdays at 8 pm on VH1.