Local singer/actor Blake Jenner wins The Glee Project!

Gleeks, we have local cred. The winner of The Glee Project is Blake Jenner…. You know, the mop-topped cute one.

The Felix Varela High School grad, who turns 20 Aug. 27, impressed viewers with golden pipes, even though he claims he’s never had a singing lesson.

On Tuesday, Glee creator Ryan Murphy and the rest of the judges picked their season 2 star. the prize: a seven episode guest starring role on the hit FOX series.

It’ll be interesting to see what the buff-bodied Jenner (who played a hot, dumb jock on ABC Family’s Melissa and Joey) does wi tthi s newfound fame.

He’s already moved to Los Angeles and it’s looking like movies or TV may be next. In his video diaries posted on his official website, you learn that Blake — who also attended Hammocks Middle School — grew up watching Jim Carrey comedies.

“I first wanted to become an actor when I saw Dumb and Dumber,’’ the avid juggler says in one video. “I admired how free and comedic he was, and his facial expressions. I was inspired to be out there and just funny.” Besides Carrey, Jenner’s also a fan of Andrew Garfield and Ryan Gosling. Acting is like therapy without the bills. “If you’re feeling mad at someone or a certain situation you can use that. If you have nerves, you can channel them. It’s awesome.”

On the finale, he joked he should be picked is he’s the “whitest half Cuban” around. Funny!

Follow him on Twitter @Blake_Jenner.