Legendary Mexican singer Jose Jose travels to Miami for medical treatment

Jose Jose with his wife Sara SalazarGetty

José José fans are worried about the iconic Latin crooner.

Univision reports that the 69 year old is currently at Coral Gables Hospital, after being evacuated via  a private jet from his home in Mexico that he shares with his Cubana wife Sara Salazar.

His spokeswoman Laura Núñez did not specify what ails the “El Triste” singer, but was optimistic.

“José José went in a super stable condition,” she said at a press conference, adding he no longer has cancer as has been reported.  “He walked on his own two feet to the plane.”

However, widespread Mexican media reports are saying that the artist is in very delicate health and weighs less than 100 pounds.

According to Peruvian website El Comercio, Jose Jose is still suffering from pancreatic cancer. His surgeon Carlos Chan told Spanish television show “Ventaneando” that the entertainer was diagnosed last March and he underwent an operation.

“He started rounds of radiation and chemotherapy, and was responding very well,” the doctor said. “The tumor was removed.”

Chan goes on to say that El Príncipe de la Canción did have pneumonia and was being treated for that; Chan added that he did not authorize the trip to Miami.