Kylie Jenner just announced the name of her baby, and it’s not what you’d expect

kylie jenner

Well, at least she coughed up the fact that she had a baby.

But details are scant regarding Kylie Jenner’s daughter.

The reality star/lip kit mogul shared that she had given birth after a secret pregnancy and she was definitely happy about it. Jenner also said she wasn’t fooling anyone with “gotcha  moments” a la her other sisters.


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But we are curious about the kid’s name.

We had heard that it wasn’t in the tradition of the Kardashian family and the name does not start with a K. The 20 year old new mom hinted with a butterfly necklace that the name may be Mariposa, which is Spanish for the winged insect.

Her new lip shade is called Posie, which is actually an awesome nickname. And she her and baby daddy Travis Scott have butterfly tattoos.

But now word (ahem, the Internet) has it that the girl’s name is Stormi – kind of like a weather pattern description, but with an “i.”

stormi 👼🏽

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At least we think it’s Stormi.

On Tuesday, Jenner shared a photo of her holding her little one’s finger with the simple caption, “Stormi.”

Stormi Scott. It’s got a nice ring to it (though the rapper’s real last name is Webster).

There was no official statement from the family so we just don’t know for sure as we don’t have the birth certificate. The name is certainly dramatic, like her family. And kind of works. The Internet (well, most of it) agrees.

The only, real slight problem we see: All that stuff with Stormy Daniels just came out. Yeah, she’s the porn star who admitted to having an affair with a married Donald Trump and then recanted everything due to allegedly signing an NDA before he was elected president. Sigh.