Someone give this guy a Spanish lesson: Justin Bieber can’t sing Despacito live


That means slowly in Spanish.

Justin Bieber may know that. Or maybe not. But the singer doesn’t know much else about the swoonworthy ballad.

He admitted as much the other night while performing at the Summerburst music festival in Stockholm.

The audience members (despite the fact that many of them ostensibly spoke Swedish) wanted the headliner to sing the hit, which has reigned supreme on the Billboard Hot 100 for weeks.

“I can’t do that specifically,” Bieber admitted sincerely. “I don’t know the words…I can’t do it.”

Someone in the crowd so mad he/she threw a shoe, or something that looked like a shoe, at the pop star’s head. He ducked. 

OK, so he does sound great on the song, which is a remix of the Luis Fonsi number and also features Daddy Yankee. 

But ever heard of memorizing? Getting a dictionary? Brushing up on a Spanish class? Ay. 

This wasn’t the first Bieber was caught like a deer in the spotlight.

TMZ has video of him attempting the song while at a club in NYC last month, but then giving up and belting out gibberish.