Jeff Bezos and his soon to be ex wife looked ‘together’ partying at LIV over Labor Day

Miami Herald file

There is ALWAYS a Miami connection.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos dropped a Twitter bombshell on Wednesday: he and his wife of 25 years, MacKenzie, were divorcing.

Hours later, the world learned the apparent reason.

The National Enquirer, after tailing Bezos for months, was about to go to press  about the Internet mogul’s affair with onetime “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Extra” host Lauren Sanchez.

The paper hit stands Thursday.

Sanchez is also married (to Hollywood power agent Patrick Whitesell) but has been apparently separated for a few months. In his Tweet, Bezos said that he and his novelist wife were also separated.

Here’s the thing: Just a few months ago, over Labor Day weekend, the Bezos marriage looked intact while the two were out partying at LIV nightclub.

Local club promoter “Purp” posted an Instagram pic of him that night with the mega rich parents of four, along with Colombian actress Ariadna Gutierrez. “It’s not everyday you get to hang with the richest guy in the world,” he wrote.

Page Six reports that Jeff and MacKenzie were celebrating their quarter century anniversary.

“They were definitely still together,” a source told the outlet.

The Enquirer says Bezos and Sanchez have been canoodling and jetsetting all over the place for eight months.

TMZ says that Sanchez, a former co-host on Fox’s “Good Day LA,” and the Palmetto Senior High grad began their relationship toward the end of the year.

Depending on who you believe, that night at LIV may have been the the ex couple’s last hurrah.

They’ll always have Miami.

And both will be able to afford all the city has to offer as they split up their $147 billion fortune (there was reportedly no prenup).

Page Six also reports that Bezos was back in his hometown in October at chichi dining club Casa Tua with someone who “looked like” Sanchez.

We scoured Sanchez’s Instagram for any kind of clues to the relationship and if she was in fact in Miami at that time, but the helicopter pilot’s account is private, despite the fact that she is a public figure. Wah.