It's Natalie's time

For Natalie Portman, 2011 is already shaping up to be an unforgettable year. The actress is getting buzz for her turn as a ballerina gone mad in Black Swan. She won a Golden Globe. She’s up for a SAG award, and she’s sure to hear her name when Oscar nomina- tions are announced this week. Portman also has four other movies slated for release this year. Oh, and she’s pregnant and engaged. “I’m very, very excited,” she told the AP while pro- moting her romantic com- edy No Strings Attached, which opened Friday. “I feel very, very lucky.” The Harvard grad and Oscar nominee (for 2004’s Closer), 29, admits having four movies in the pipeline at the same time she’s starting a family is “a little insane.”

Portman — whose fiancé is Black Swan chore- ographer Benjamin Mille- pied — is also giving life to new movies through her production company, handsomecharlie films. The company’s first fea- ture, Hesher, in which she stars with Joseph Gor- don-Levitt, premiered at Sundance and is set for release this year. Handsomecharlie is also developing Best Buds, a road-trip tale of a bride- to-be (Portman) who staves off a breakdown by hanging with friends and smoking pot. Portman dabbles in on- screen female friendship in No Strings Attached.

She plays Emma, a doctor who finds love irritating and best avoided. So she enters a sex-only relationship with Adam (Ashton Kutcher). “I had been looking for a funny female character for a long time,” Portman says. ‘‘I feel like in romantic comedies often it’s just the girl who gets to kind of wear cute clothes and wants to get married at the end, which is always fun to watch, but it’s not neces- sarily a challenge or excit- ing to do.”