Is Wendy Williams OK? TV host passes out on Halloween show

Not sure how well Wendy Williams would do living in Miami, where it’s summer practically all year long.

Wendy Williams was dressed as the Statue of Liberty on Tuesday’s morning show and was talking to the audience when she began to look a little hot and bothered. Literally.

She was at the podium on the stage, looking flawless in her sparkling green getup, and started to stumble reading the teleprompter to introduce her annual “How You Doin” Halloween costume contest.

“We do it every year. It’s always a lot of fun,” she began, as her words started to slur. “Let’s get started. Our first kerest [she meant guest]….…” she said before pausing and looking frightened.

A few seconds passed, and as the audience gasped she fell out of view as a stagehand rushed to her side.

TMZ reports that paramedics arrived to the studio.

Williams popped up back after a short time later, and said she passed out as she was overheated from her costume. But like the absolute pro she is, said she would carry on.

Heat, and maybe stress. The 53 year old former radio host is reportedly dealing with some marital issues (rumor has it hubby Kevin Hunter has a side chick).