Is Lamar Odom back to his old tricks? Ex basketball star seen partying in Miami


He had a serious life lesson a few years back, but it seems Lamar Odom hasn’t lost his love for the nightlife.

The onetime Miami Heat star was living it up Thursday night, starting out at  seen at new SoFi hotspot Upland Miami.

Then Odom made his way to nearby  Story Nightclub.

According to Page Six, the former Miami  Heat player was seen hanging out with a number of lovely ladies, then leaving with them in the wee hours after a “boozy night out.”

Except on Instagram, Khloe Kardashian’s ex said the story was not factually correct.

“If you didn’t see it with your own eyes, or hear it with your own ears, don’t invent it with your small mind and share it with your big mouth!” Odom wrote. “Dear @pagesix – Next time when you are reporting about me, make sure you ask your ‘spy’ to learn how to count.”

He didn’t refute the “boozy” part, though.

The reporters at the New York paper are welcome to DM the former NBA star next time he’s out on the town, he added.

“When you’re curious of how many women were sitting on my table .. it wasn’t 3 or 4, It was like 6 meanwhile, thank you MIAMI, I love you,” he ended the post.

Do the math, people!

Also reportedly in da club: Trey Songz, at another table. The rapper smartly did not post anything on social media.

Why was the fallen athlete in Miami? On social media he said he was “catching up with my friend and lawyer saamzangenehlaw,” aka  criminal defense lawyer Saam Zangeneh, who has an office in Coral Gables.

Will Odom, who was in rehab after a very public overdose at a Las Vegas brothel, be needing his friend’s services anytime soon? Hmmm.

Nah. In all seriousness, Zangeneh posted a picture with Odom, saying they were discussing the baller’s future career in China.

Big guy came to discuss his bright future ballin in China! @lamarodom @iamzoul

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