Hulu star Ray Diaz comes home to Miami

One of the lead players in Hulu’s East Los High took a break from all the angst and drama to chat about the surprise Web hit that just got picked up for a third season. For Ray Diaz Jr. a trip to Miami was a homecoming: The actor was born and raised in Key West. “I’m officially a Conch,” said the Key West High graduate, who plays cool kid Nick, from the Fontainebleau. “Yeah, my life was pretty good.”

Even though he lived in a place many consider paradise, Diaz said he started “sneaking” up to Miami at age 15. “We started driving to get haircuts, go to the US1 flea market [in Cutler Bay] and trying to get into clubs on the beach, but they always turned us away!” Diaz’s old pals from the barrio are proud. “They’re like, ‘That’s crazy! I can’t believe you made it out of Key West,’ ” said the former fashion model, whose father still lives there.

Diaz sees growth for his character in the upcoming season. “I’m streetwise and got some bad DJ skills and want to make it big in the industry,” explained Diaz, “but there are some people who want to lead him down a path that may compromise his life. Let’s hope not.”