How do you say ‘Art Basel’? Hint: It’s not an herb.

Claudia Comte's "128 Triangles and their Demonstration" is is among 20 large-scale sculptures and installations at Collins Park in Miami Beach as part of Art Basel 2016.

The question pops up each December, when the annual Art Basel in Miami Beach mega art fair comes to town: Is it Baah-sel or BA-sel?

The correct answer is Baah-sel (like a sheep.) The name comes from a Swiss city that is home to the original Art Basel fair, held each June.

BA-sel would be the leafy herb you put on your mozzarella-and-tomato salad.

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Art Basel in Miami Beach and the many surrounding art fairs will be held this year the week of Dec. 5 in Miami and Miami Beach.

Click this link if you’re bored and want to hear people pronounce “Art Basel” in different accents: