Here’s what Instagram tells us about Miami traffic. (It sucks and we complain, among other things)

On Monday, May 23, 2016 the high traffic of pedestrians, cars, and trucks across the Brickell Avenue Bridge causes travel across to be frustrating and sometime unsafe.

American drivers spent about 50 hours stuck in traffic, according to estimates by the Inrix data company. In Miami, those hours are spent complaining on social media.

In fact, we complain on Instagram more than almost any other United States city; we’re only second to Los Angeles in the number of angry traffic posts per 100,000 residents. That’s according to research by the Auto Insurance Center. In Los Angeles, where researchers say commuters spend about 81 hours in traffic annually, there are 993 posts per 100,000 people with the hashtags #Traffic, #TrafficSucks and #TrafficJam. In Miami and Miami Beach, there were 928.

So yea, we think traffic is TRASH and we’re pretty vocal about it on IG. Miami is No. 2 in complaints, but according to the 2017 Traffic Index by map company TomTom, Miami has the sixth worse traffic. That means we complain more than people in San Francisco, New York, Seattle and San Jose where traffic is a lot worse than in South Florida. At least in Los Angeles, the capitol of traffic jams, residents complaining matches their problem.

What else did the Inrix study tell us about Miami traffic? Well, there are certain places in Miami-Dade County that get the most #traffic shout outs. And as any local could imagine, those places are downtown, South Beach and on 836 west of the Palmetto. Drivers should avoid those areas on Fridays during the late afternoons when Instagram traffic complaints are at their peak. But Sundays are OK, according to the report.

A commuter who is just completely fed up with gridlock might want to stay home during the entire months of February and October, when traffic is the worst nationwide. But then, according to national statistics, April is fine.

The most frightening thing this study suggests? That Miami residents can’t get enough of flicking selfies in traffic. Here’s a thought: Put the phone down, eyes on the road, hands at 2 and 10 then maybe, just maybe the traffic would move along faster.


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