Go Topless Day in Miami Beach? Maybe not while we are dealing with Zika

Were you thinking about taking a walk through Miami Beach this Sunday shirtless to celebrate Go Topless Day? 

Wait, you didn’t know that Go Topless Day was a thing? It is, and it has been celebrated in Miami before. The event is meant as a nod to Women’s Equality Day, which commemorates August 26, 1920, the date that women earned the vote. Go Topless events take place on the closest Sunday following, which is this Sunday Aug. 28.

Organizers seek to call attention to double standards about women’s bodies, according to the Go Topless website “women are constantly arrested, fined and humiliated for daring to go topless in public, a freedom men have had for decades.” In some places, however, like New York, it has been legal for decades for women to bare it all in public, though women probably don’t exercise this right so much, save the occasional Mermaid Parade. The initiative was started by the Raelian Movement (go to their website, there’s more info about UFOs and prophets than toplessness). 

While Miami is featured on the “Boob Map,” the time and location of the Go Topless Day event is still undetermined. In the past the event has taken place on Lincoln Road.

Maybe organizers are concerned that the display of flesh will attract more than the male gaze, but also mosquitoes. With the Zika situation still afoot, that might not be wise.  

But for those who do plan to #GoTopless, make sure you wear bug spray.