George Clooney stops at Hakkasan in Miami Beach to talk up his tequila

Who wouldn’t want to do a few shots of tequila with George Clooney? No need to answer that question.

The Oscar winner strolled into Hakkasan at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Tuesday night and the crowd literally parted.

Clooney was there with business partner and longtime friend, nightlife impresario Rande Gerber to talk about their new tequila, Casamigos. They were on one stop of a national tour, along with other partner Mike Meldman, and as you can imagine, are being received well.

Casamigos is named after Clooney and Gerber’s adjacent vacation homes in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and where they’ve shared some good times.

“We were always looking for the perfect tequila and we could never find it, so we said, What the hell? Let’s give it a shot and make our own,” said Clooney. “I’m not just endorsing this. It’s ours…. I even crushed the agave with my own feet.”

Not really. Clooney is such a jokester (not that we would mind his toes in our cocktail).  He and Gerber actually traveled to Jalisco to meet with a distiller.

Rough gig: They tried roughly 800 samples to get the recipe right.

“The distiller told us, ‘You know, you guys are a pain in the a-s,’ but you know what you really like,” said Gerber, who is married to Cindy Crawford with two kids. “But we perfected it. We were so specific.”

The boys like either their blanco (aka silver) and reposado (aged longer or “rested”) served up the same — on the rocks.

“This stuff is so good you don’t need to mix it with anything,” said Clooney, of the 80 proof premium batch. “No lime, no salt chaser.”

Though the men claimed that Casamigos won’t give you a hangover, Clooney does have the perfect cure.

“Eat the greasiest, nastiest food. If you’re going to be miserable, might as well. That’s the day to do it if you’re going to get the fries at McDonald’s.”

The two friends apparently have a higher tolerance than most.

“I can’t tell you how many times we sat and drank an entire bottle. We’ll open it and the next thing you know it’s gone,” explained Gerber, who launched the award-winning Caliche Rum last year and helped plant the seed of OK, maybe this alcohol idea can do well.

“We will say, ‘You know we could drink another one but maybe we shouldn’t!’”

Speaking of the bottles, each comes with the two men’s signatures. Not a bad keepsake.

Expect seeing Casamigos on shelves in local, high-end liquor stores in a few weeks (it’s currently sold out) and behind the bars at the Fontainebleau and Whiskey Blue at the W Fort Lauderdale and Rocco’s Tacos in Fort Lauderdale.

Clooney also talked about a promotional video shot with him, Gerber and their respective ladies, Stacy Keibler and Crawford. “It’s a little bit dirty,” said the former ER hunk. We’ll drink to that!

Click on it here, if you dare: