Gente de Zona teamed up with Kylie Minogue for a made-in-Havana video

Kylie Minogue dances in the streets of Havana in "Stop Me From Falling" featuring Gente de Zona. Via

From a balcony in Old Havana, Randy Martinez and Alexander Delgado of Gente de Zona were enjoying as a group of young men chased leggy Australian singer Kylie Minogue. The boys were no match for Minogue’s beauty or the magnetism of her music.

This was a scene from “Stop Me From Falling,” the new music video by the singer from “Golden,” her most recent production.

During the filming, the Cuban duo posted a photo on Instagram of the balcony scene with no explanation. But once they finished, they posted fragments of the video, making official their collaboration with Minogue and confessing their excitment.

“Stop Me From Falling” has more than a million views since debuting on YouTube April 19. In the video, Gente de Zona ends up joining a party in a bar in the Cuban capital along with the Australian’s adoring fans. The singer even shows off her Spanish skills in the song’s chorus. Not bad at all.

In recent years the duo has collaborated with Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Laura Pausini and Marc Anthony among other international stars.