Former One Direction singer Zayn Malik seen in Miami smoking – again

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Dude, you’re a public figure with legions of young, impressionable fans.

So just stop.

We’re talking about Zayn Malik.

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The former One Direction singer was snapped by paps puffing on a cigarette somewhere in Miami on Thursday. The Daily Mail reports that the musician was shopping for a keyboard, which you can see him carrying (the store didn’t give him a bag?). On his social media, you can see he is working on some new music and it seems South Florida is inspiring his creativity.

This isn’t the first time the “Pillow Talk” singer, 25, has been seen polluting his young lungs.


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Last week, the Brit posted an Instagram pic of himself in a haze of smoke, and followers (he has 27 million plus) pleaded with him to take better care of himself.

Wrote one fan  majwlp: “Hey. You need to quit smoking. Isn’t your voice the key to your career? So your throat should be extra important to you. You are ruining it. My mom died from lung cancer. My father died from throat cancer. Hope you can quit and be healthy. You are very talented.”

Added ezzeldin.sameh.7 “Stop smoking for your health.”

“Smoking kills,” commented raghav_vij_14 



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