Five times Dwyane Wade was MVP in Miami – and not just in a sports way

No, we are not getting too excited about Dwyane Wade coming back to Miami. Why do you ask?

OK, that’s not true. We are really happy he’s back and that he has a chance to retire with the Heat. And his return has got us remembering the good old days. He’s always been an MVP to us.

Here are five times D Wade was Miami’s MVP – and we’re not just talking about what he did on the court.

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Game 3, NBA Finals, 2006

D Wade was on fire in in Game 3 of the NBA Finals in 2006.Al Diaz/Miami Herald

Heat down 2-0 to the Dallas Mavericks, looking at a 3-0 deficit and knowing nobody comes back from that. Six and a half minutes left, 13 points down, a stunned Miami crowd? No problem. Wade led the rally that led to a win, and the team went on to beat Dallas for the next three games to win the Heat’s first NBA championship. The MVP? Wade, of course.

That time he helped lure LeBron James to play for the Heat

Good times.

Everybody hated The Big Three. Everybody but Miami. We loved it. We couldn’t get enough.

Heat championships 2 and 3

You say, “But you only won two championships” like it’s a bad thing.

That trophy looks good on you, Dwyane.

That Miami Heat Harlem Shake video

LeBron James may be front and center because LeBron. But check out the guy wearing the bear head. Yeah. That’s D Wade. The Harlem Shake was a trend that got old fast, but all the joy in this minute and a half is pretty great.

His wedding to Gabrielle Union

If only we’d been invited, because every single thing about it looked amazing.