Enrique Iglesias’ latest sexy video is taking over the Internet. He’s been working out, obvio.

We are loving this sexy video.

We’re talking about Enrique Iglesias’ new video. If its intention is to make you get up from your cubicle and dance, it has achieved its goal.

Iglesias announced Friday that he had dropped a preview of his latest single, “Nos Fuimos Lejos,” (We Don’t Go Far) featuring Descemer Bueno and Cuban artist El Micha. You can’t miss this guy: he wears a fur coat and a huge chain. Bueno starts out the vid in an Indian head dress.

According to Billboard, the song is the first one Bueno’s new deal with Sony Music Latin in partnership with Iglesias.

A woman arrives by Jeep and she’s a dead ringer for Iglesias longtime girlfriend and the mother of his twins, ex tennis star Anna Kournikova.

Directed by Cuban native Pedro Vázquez, the video shows what appears to be a Southwestern location (sorry, Miami).

The whole cast is living large, moving to the beat. Even Iglesias, who appears to be logging some time at the gym judging by his ripped bod.

Whoa, daddy!