Drake spotted at Temple Israel in Miami shooting music video

Drake at Temple Israel in Miami during music video shoot. Photo: Karen Burkett

Grammy award-winning hip-hop artist Drake was spotted at Temple Israel in Miami on Wednesday, March 21 working on his latest music video with fellow music stars Lil’ Wayne and DJ Kahled.

Producers were shooting a re-enactment of Drake’s Bar Mitzvah at the local school and daycare center. Here is one mother’s account when she arrived to pick up her daughter.

“It’s the end of the work day and I’m picking up my teeny weeny from her school at Miami’s Temple Israel, when I spot trailers, cameras, lights, and costumed extras in the parking lot.

“I’m told by other parents and teachers, ‘They’re making a music video with a guy named Drake – ever heard of him?  He’s Jewish, you know?’

“Drake was tucked away in his trailer.  Two models, The Pharaoh and Ludwig Music, who were sent to the shoot told me, ‘Yeah, Drake was just performing outside a little while ago.’  Moments later, DJ Khaled pops out of a car allegedly to chat with Lil Wayne (Drake’s mentor) who’s on scene, too, though out of sight.  Drake is biracial.  His mother is a Jewish Canadian woman; his father an African American from Memphis.

“A few teachers stuck around to snap pictures and thought Drake was a cutie. Thanks, Drake, for smiling pretty for the teachers and toddlers.”