DJ Khaled finds a hip hop star in the most unlikely place

DJ Khaled drops Vero Beach native's mixtapeEric Leon

Wanna hear something really wild, wild, wild, wild, wild?

Once upon a time, 20-year-old Eric Leon lived in a sleepy beachfront town (Vero Beach). Now he has emerged as a young gun on the hip hop scene and is dropping his self-titled mixtape with DJ Khaled at an exclusive launch party Monday hosted by Grammy Award-winning hotshots Cool & Dre at Universal Miami Studios.

Backed by TruStory Entertainment’s CEO Dave Moise with Cool & Dre of Epedemic Music, Leon got noticed after accumulating more than two million streams on Soundcloud and more than 60,ooo followers on Instagram.

He started his label Young Visionary Entertainment only six months prior to releasing his debut music video “Messed Up Priorities,” which eventually made its way overseas to France and rapidly gained popularity.

Leon dropped his debut EP “Late Nights, Early Mornings” in 2014. Since then, the EP has accumulated more than 100,000 views worldwide.  And then came Khaled, with whom he has been working along with Cool & Dre for the past six months. 

“It’s a blessing to be working with DJ Khaled and executive producers Cool & Dre. This mixtape is a collaboration of amazing hip hop legends,” Leon told us. “I am humbled to be part of this project and be able to work with some of my role models on the biggest project in my life so far.”

While Khaled is not 100 percent confirmed to attend the big drop, we’re told he has been planning on stopping by to join Leon, Cool & Dre and some of their current artists and friends.