Did this Miami food hall steal its name? The city of New Orleans wants it back.

St. Roch Market, a New Orleans import, acts as a food hall and test kitchen for local chefs before they open stand-alone restaurants.

New Orleans, home of the original St. Roch Market, is not happy with its Miami counterpart.

The city is suing the lease holders of St. Roch, saying they illegally claimed ownership of the St. Roch name by trademarking it and opening the Miami version of the food hall, according to Nola.com.

Nola.com reports that in 2014 Will Donaldson and Barre Tanguis leased the New Orleans market, after the city had renovated the former fish market in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. They turned it into a food hall for a variety of vendors, including Elysian Seafood, which also opened in the Miami food hall.

In 2017 they trademarked the name and in February of this year opened the Miami St. Roch in the Design District’s Palm Court. They also had plans to expand the St. Roch concept across the country.

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New Orleans seeks to have trademark canceled and to ban the lease holders from using the name anywhere except the New Orleans market – and to fork over all the profits earned so far from St. Roch Market Miami.

What does this mean for the food hall in the Design District, which features a test-kitchen concept with 12 vendors perfecting their menus before hopefully opening standalone restaurants? We’re not sure yet.

St. Roch Market Miami is located in the Design District’s Palm Court.