Colton Underwood has his pick of two South Florida women on ‘The Bachelor’


Colton Underwood’s season of “The Bachelor: has a South Florida connection.

Actually, two.

First up:  305-er  Nicole Lopez-Alvar.

The Miami native  attended Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart and the University of Miami. According to her bio on social media, she is a “digital journalist” and “caption  queen” who has contributed to Miami New Times.

The 25 year old’s Instagram is full of pics  at hotspots all over town like The Perez Art Museum. Soho Beach House and Lagniappe House.

Also in her bio, Nicole says she loves singing and her “fun skill” is imitating famous artists like Beyonce and Ariana Grande.

On the first episode, the writer, who bears a striking resemblance to actress Rose Byrne, tries to teach the handsome virgin how to salsa.

We like her already.

The other contestant is from the 954, Catherine Agro, aka  DJ Agro, who “lent” Colton her adorable dog Lucy.

As per the perky blonde’s bio, when the 26 year old isn’t spinning, she works as a real estate agent.

Fun fact: She doesn’t have any tattoos because “you don’t put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari.”

We like her, too. She’s got sass, and is very likely this season’s villain.

“If you don’t have haters, you’re not doing something right,” the University of Florida alum says on the show after other women complain that she keeps interrupting and honing in on their time with Underwood.

Let the best county win.