Celebrity news: The week that was

KEANU REEVES: The actor hinted there might be a third installment of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. At this point, shouldn’t it be called Bill and Ted’s Bogus Midlife Crisis?

JUSTIN BIEBER: The teenage pop star rushed to help his mother when her hair caught fire while blowing out birthday candles. She’s only 35; that’s not too hazardous.

KIRSTIE ALLEY: The actress’ Dancing with the Stars partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy dropped her after his thigh gave out. If that’s not motivation to eat just watercress for a year, I don’t know what is.

MARIAH CAREY: Days after Tweeting a photo of her rotund belly painted with a butterfly, the singer posed nude for Life & Style. Remember when her pregnancy was a secret?

VINCE NEIL: The Motley Crue singer was charged with domestic violence after allegedly poking his ex-girlfriend in the arm. That’ll teach him to keep his fingers to himself.

RYAN MURPHY: The Glee creator apologized for saying “FU’’ to The Kings of Leon because they didn’t want their song used on the show. Translation: He added more zeroes to their check.

GLENN BECK: The conservative radio/TV host is leaving The Glenn Beck Show. Guess it needs a name change.

REALITY TV The good news: The Real Housewives of D.C. was canceled. The bad news: Snooki’s getting a spinoff.

JAMES FRANCO: The soap star/Oscar nominee/Yalie has added more to his résumé, taking a job at The Colbert Report. If he still needs something else to do, I could use a little help with “The Week That Was.’’