Bill Clinton was in town and gave big ups to Parkland kids

Bill Clinton & Brad Meltzer get a big kick out of something novelBrad Meltzer

In town Tuesday night for a conversation about his new collabo with author James Patterson at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, President Bill Clinton got huge reception and some other huge things as well.

“The President is Missing,” by Clinton and the world’s bestselling author James Patterson, marks the first time a POTUS has collaborated with a bestselling novelist on a work of fiction. Fellow bestseller Brad Meltzer was the moderator of the convo and presented a few visuals which Clinton found amusing: two giant copies of Meltzer’s own presidential novel collaborations.

Bill Clinton & Brad Meltzer get a big kick out of something novelBrad Meltzer

Clinton loved the George H. W. Bush version, signed it and promised to send it to his fellow POTUS, who just celebrated his 94th birthday.

Lincoln’s latest?Brad Meltzer

No mention of that woman whose last name rhymes with Whoinsky, or Al Franken, who Clinton recently defended in a PBS NewsHour interview last week. But the former prez did give major props to the Parkland kids, saying, “You stay with those kids. They’ve been able to look into the eyes of America and say we have a right to live.”

Politics were discussed, Meltzer told us–backstage.

“The best part of the night was talking politics backstage with him before we went on. Even my son was impressed – especially when Clinton told him that he loved reading [Meltzer’s latest bestseller] ‘The Escape Artist’,” Meltzer said. “I also asked him about the Stoneman Douglas kids and he agreed they’re vital to the current political discussion, saying they’re as powerful as anything out there.”