Beyonce drops a Spanish remix to benefit victims in Mexico and Puerto Rico

Late Thurdsay night, Beyonce released a bilingual remix to J Balvin and Willy William’s song “Mi Gente” — her contribution to natural disaster relief efforts in Mexico and Puerto Rico.

A 7.1 earthquake shook Mexico’s capital on Sept. 19 on the anniversary of a devastating 1985 quake and caused more than 340 deaths, according to the latest toll. In Puerto Rico, officials are pleading for basic essentials in the catastrophic aftermath of Hurricane Maria, which ravaged the island on Sept. 20 — only days after Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc throughout much of the Caribbean.

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Beyonce volunteering in Houston
Beyonce settled into a Houston restaurant after a day of serving communities impacted by Hurricane Harvey. (Tina Lawson/Instagram)

And while Beyonce spent time volunteering in Houston after it was inundated by water from Hurricane Harvey in August, she has extended her philanthropic efforts to victims beyond her own hometown.

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The cries for help across the world have not gone unheard by Beyonce, who gave birth to twins in June, making her a new mother of three.

Her newest endeavor comes in the form of a song. “Mi Gente” is an upbeat anthem about the power of music to unite people around the world. Beyonce’s Spanish verse does nothing to address the international tragedies. But for what the song lacks en Espanol, the superstar makes up for in charitable giving.

Beyonce announced via Instagram that the money she earned from the remix would be donated to victims in Mexico and the Caribbean. On her official website, Beyonce said she was “heartbroken” and listed a variety of organizations helping victims of earthquakes in Mexcico and hurricanes Irma, Maria and Harvey.

Once she switched to English, Beyonce gave a brief nod to recent natural disasters in a call to action.

Lift up your people
From Texas, Puerto Rico
Dem Islands to Mexico

Check out the remix to “Mi Gente,” featuring Beyonce below.