Why we love Anderson Cooper: He’s hot AND gives great hurricane advice

Anderson Cooper is never one to back down from a major story.

The CNN anchor is in South Florida, covering Hurricane Irma for the cable news network.

But as he told his viewers, the journalist wasn’t always so smart when it came to the weather.

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Way before he was out there in the trenches, he told viewers while reporting from Fort Myers Saturday, he didn’t behave too admirably during a hurricane while he was around St. Bart’s. Back in the day, Cooper had no comprehension of what it meant to be in the eye of the hurricane, the calmest time.

“When the eye came I was so freaked out frankly, and just so wanting to get out of the room that I was I was trapped in, the building I was in, I ran out trying to get my friends to go to the airport to see if we could get a flight out,” the Silver Fox recounted. “Smarter people than me informed me, ‘This is the eye, dummy. Get back in the house. It’s about to hit again. And they were right.”

Lesson learned: Don’t get fooled by the calm of the eye.