Amara La Negra debuts her first English-language ballad with a sexy video

'Insecure' by Amara La NegraVia

We love you, Amara La Negra.

Not just because you rock it on “Love & Hip Hop: Miami.”

Not because you’re a local celebrity.

Not because your ‘fro is off the charts fabulous.

Because you’ve got talent.

OK, enough gushing. Onto  La Negra’s latest video for her song, “Insecure.”

The song, which is mostly in English with a few Spanish words, include such lyrics as, “You say I’m loca, crazy / Said I been tripping lately / I wanna know baby / Does that make me insecure, mi amor / Mi amor. Does that make me insecure, mi amor / Mi amor.”

Love that insecure rhymes with amor.

The track made headlines last month when the singer asked for helping to find a leading man for the video, which was to be shot in South Florida. On Instagram she asked for fans’ suggestions with the hashtag #Amarainsecure.

The guy the “What a Bam Bam” songstress eventually found is hot: A tattooed, glistening gentleman. No complaints here.

The plot of the sexy video, if there is any: Amara is outside a mansion surrounded by palm trees. It appears to be on Star Island. She looks upset and sings into the camera. The aforementioned man appears in a window, shirtless with a six pack. Suddenly she is upstairs with him, reaching out to him but he seems cold, distant. Later she enters a bathtub, scattered with rose petals. The tears look real, and the mascara running down here face does, too.



Wait, didn’t we hear she has a boyfriend, anyway? Or was that just a rumor?