Am I in an evacuation zone? Check this map

Don't worry about your storm surge zone. We are evacuating to the MOTHER SHIP.

Miami-Dade County officials have told coastal area residents they will be asked to evacuate as early as Wednesday afternoon.

It’s easy to find out if your home is in an evacuation zone by entering your ZIP Code on a Miami-Dade map. Residents who live near the shoreline and some inland areas — Zones A and B — may be ordered to leave.

The zones are organized from A to E, with zone A being the area most vulnerable to storm surges. If your zone is ordered to evacuate, here is a list of shelters in your area.

Broward and Palm Beach counties also are weighing when to open shelters and order evacuations, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Monroe County issued a mandatory evacuation of all residents on Tuesday. A tourist evacuation order started Wednesday morning.

For the latest information on Hurricane Irma, visit the Miami Herald’s hurricane page.

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