Adrian Grenier guest of honor at magazine party

Adrian Grenier will play host on Tuesday night for Modern Luxury MIAMI Magazine’s VIP cover party at 1 Hotel and Homes in Miami Beach. The actor fronts the May/June issue and talks about how different he is from superstar Vincent Chase, the character he will take from the HBO series to the big screen this summer in Entourage, the movie.

“Few people really understand how much this has been a challenging acting role in many ways. When I first read the script, I had a really hard time getting into it because it didn’t reflect my values,” he tells the publication. “It was just a pilot, so you don’t know what it’s going to become, but I thought it was this indulgent, superficial, misogynistic show about these jerks hanging out, whereas that’s not in my nature. I’m an environmentalist. I’m a very deep person. So it was a little bit of a stretch for me.” The 38-year-old also reveals he’s single — and not exactly looking. “I don’t have a girlfriend right now, but I am open to a partnership that would yield children,” Grenier says. “I’m also not actively needing it. I’m pretty content doing the work that I’m doing. I get the need to care for another satisfied by the work that I do — the environmental work, caring for animals… there are a lot of children that need support and help, and I don’t necessarily have the ego thing that it has to be my child.”

Though the movie doesn’t open until June 3, a lucky few were able to get a sneak peek Wednesday night at a private screening thrown in Miami by Tequila Avion, the official booze of the movie. Entourage creator Doug Ellin posted a pic on Instagram of fellow guests, model Nina Agdal and Italian actor Rhys Coiro, who plays director Billy Walsh.