Adamari Lopez is still in the hospital with the flu — but she got a special visit

Adamari Lopez finally got a break.

The “Un Nuevo Dia” host, who has been hospitalized in Miami for roughly  three weeks due to flu complications, received a very special visit this past weekend, People en Español reports.

Lopez’ partner Toni Costa posted a story on social  media, telling fans that he was taking their daughter Alaia to see his partner on Sunday.

But first, dad and daughter went to pray.

“We’re here arriving at church. We are super happy, why?” said the dancer in the clip. “Let’s see!”

Instagram Story

“Because we are going to cure mom, “answered Alaia.

“We’re going to cure mommy, but you’re a doctor, right? But now let’s go to church, let’s pray for mommy. ”

Costa posted another video of the child dressed up as a doctor. But it was no Halloween costume.

“Well, here we have Alaia who is going to visit Mami and she is going to dress as a doctor to take care of her.”

Earlier this month, you see Alaia playing with her dolls in her dollhouse, saying, “I hope mommy gets better.”

Here’s to hoping the visit helped improved Lopez’ health. Her last post on social media was Oct. 14, celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month.