Actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez gets naked on Instagram

Actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez gets naked on InstagramScreenshot from Instagram

Mexican actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez had fans in a tailspin after she posted a bold photo on social media in which she appears to be nude and  covering herself with a hat.

Escucha en silencio ❤️ observa con el corazón.

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In the image, in which she advises “Listen in silence ❤️ observe with the heart,” has provoked intense and varied reactions among her followers. While some complimented her, others accused her of seeking attention with the image they refer to as “almost porno.” Others recommend that she ignore the criticism. Then there were those that made all kinds of propositions ranging from the romantic to the indecorous.

A few even analyzed her words and corrected them. “It’s the other way around, watch silently and listen with your heart,” one follower wrote.

Gutiérrez has taken time off from television acting gigs, which launched her career, for the past few  years (her last telenovela, “El rostro de la venganza,” was with Telemundo in 2012 and she didn’t finish it).

In addition to being dedicated to her children with the actor William Levy, the star is developing an empire of products for women, which includes a beauty line called Ely by Casia, lingerie with the Colombian firm Lenara and a website with life tips and inspirational quotes.

She also starred for a season and a half in the play “Brujas,” produced by Gaby Espino.