5 things we realized watching the Miami Heat score 149 points. Yes. 149 points.

James Johnson. That is all.

By now, our heart rates have slowed. We’re able to breathe again. The Miami Heat won a big home game against the Denver Nuggets, and it damn near killed us

The Heat won 149-141 in double overtime and no, we are not making up that score. That’s 290 points IN ONE GAME, one hell of an early birthday present for GM Pat Riley, who turned 73 on Tuesday.

Watching the game, though, called for extraordinary measures. Pacing. Swearing. Adult beverages. Breathing into a bag. Angry tweets. Maybe another adult beverage.

And the playoffs haven’t even started yet.

But despite the stress, we were cheering hard for the Heat, just like Dwyane Wade (who wasn’t playing). And we realized many important things during this game. Here are five of them:

We are buying a James Johnson jersey

No LeBron? No problem. (Note: Before you start to lecture us about the audacity of this comment, try and remember IT’S A JOKE. Heat fans have sense of humor.)

Kelly Olynyk is our favorite Canadian import

We are not ever going to make fun of his man bun again.

Wayne Ellington’s lucky number is 3

His appearance at the NBA All-Star Three Point Contest was not a fluke.

Bam Adebayo has the best name

BAM. See?

His nickname is The Dragon, but Goran Dragic just so NICE

Your mom wants to make dinner for him.