WATCH: How to almost die/film a gator like a boss

With his beer in one hand and a camera in the other, a Missouri man ventured to Florida with hopes of laying his eyes on a gator.
Tylor Hindery, 30, got that and more with this video of an alligator basking on a bank before pouncing onto an airboat.
Hindery, his wife Emerald, 31, the boat tour guide and two other people scurried, screaming. But of course, Hindery’s Facebook video was still rolling.
Just before the gator jumped, the guide asked Hindery “Are you nervous?”
Well, no sh–, man.
The best part about the whole ordeal is off-camera, actually, as told by Emerald Hindery: “Somehow we held our beers.”
Watch the video, then read more about the Hindery’s close encounter here: