This Youtube star takes jabs at the Trump presidency. And it all started in South Florida.

Randy Rainbow Courtesy Randy Rainbow

Randy Rainbow is giving us life.

No, seriously, this guy is not only hysterically funny, but talented as all get-out.

While the Internet is freaking out about NFL protests and healthcare and a certain person in the White House, the YouTube star keeps putting together highly produced videos ribbing on the matters at hand. The entertainer is known for using actual news footage and inserting himself into an interview with a talking head or newscaster, then launching into songs, usually show tunes, with his own snarky lyrics.

Rainbow is also — wait for it — from South Florida.

Now based in New York City, Rainbow got much of his training right here, telling Miami Herald sister publication earlier this year that hi background in musical theater began in regional theater. 

“I spent most of my childhood at the Hollywood Playhouse, all of my summers growing up. Me and Josh Gad, who you probably know [from The Book of Mormon and Frozen],” he explained. “We were buddies back then. I did a lot of children’s theater in Miami Shores. My base musical theater training happened there.”

Now he uses that training to make his parodies: “I’m very much a one-man-band. It’s all out of my little studio apartment,” he explained. “There’s a green screen that takes up my entire living room. I write it and perform it with my cat sitting on the bed watching me. Then I edit everything myself.”

Rainbow has been at this a while, but really hit the big time last year during an, um, pivotal time in our nation’s history.

His 2016 video called “Braggadocious,” sending up the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton when the real estate mogul used the word “braggadocious,” made him a bonafide Internet celebrity. (Mirriam Webster explained later that “braggadocious” is “a dialectical word from 19th-century America” that is so seldom used in 21st-century English that it does not have its own entry in the dictionary.)

Lyrics to the song, a take on “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” from “Mary Poppins,” included “Um, are you really gonna vote for this guy? he said shut up, buy a hat and vote for me. It racked up 27 million views on YouTube.

RR’s latest video is a parody about Trump’s showdown with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un. Dressed as a nun, he turned the “Sound of Music” classic “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?” subbing “Korea” for “Maria” with amusing results.

“How do you solve a problem like Korea? How do you sleep when missiles start to fly? How do you not have constant diarrhea when all of our lives depend upon this guy?”

Later in the video, Randy dresses as Elton John singing “Rocket Man,” Trump’s nickname for Kim.

As of the May article, Rainbow had not been contacted or blocked by the main subject of his derision.

“Trump hasn’t called yet. Thank God!”

We still have three years to go.