These photos of Pitbull before he was famous are almost too Miami to handle

Vintage Pitbull is always fun. Marice Cohn Band

These days, when you think of Pitbull, you think of the man with the sunglasses, the hits and the suit you couldn’t afford even if you got that raise you think you deserve.

But it wasn’t always that way.

Now, Pitbull is so big we think of him as a Miami superhero. But there was a time when nobody outside Miami could translate the word “Dale!” Back before he hosted New Year’s Eve celebrations and cranked out all the songs on your workout playlist, Armando Christian Perez was  just a Miami kid with big dreams and dubious fashion sense.

And we have the photos to prove it.

So take a walk back in time with us to see the evolution of Mr. 305.

Most Miami photo ever

Barbara Hernandez

In January of 2003, the Man Who Would Be Worldwide posed for a photo shoot at a Little Havana barber shop. Half the guys in your Coral Park High class looked exactly like this.

We don’t know what’s up with the line down his face either

Barbara Hernandez

We do know he used to pay $12 for a fade from barber Josue Romero, son of the shop’s owner.

305 4 Lyf

Marice Cohn Band

Looking good, Pit! Here he is in 2003 repping the 305 hard in the neighborhood he grew up in. (His mom’s house was at 25 NE 28th St.)

Sensitive Pit

Marice Cohn Band

He is probably coming up with great lyrics like “This biggity boy’s a diggity dog.”

All that’s missing is a grill

Raul Rubiera

Pitbull had still not discovered suits in 2004, but he was all about that sideways baseball cap life.

No, seriously, this guy is going to look good in a suit one day

Raul Rubiera

Even more sideways with DJ Select.

Pit and the Miami fans

Raul Rubiera

Pitbull meets fans at Club Deep in Miami Beach. Yes. Club Deep. You’re old.

The music

Joshua Prezant

He performed at the second annual Miami Awards at Players night club in 2004. Still no suit.

We’re sorry about this one

Raul Rubiera

He probably wants this shot from 2004 to disappear from the face of the earth. God knows we would.

This guayabera is everything

Manny Hernandez

Pit apparently took his guayabera to a Youth Fair booth and had someone  spray paint it before posing at Calle Ocho 2005. We are pretty sure there’s a matching cap in his closet.

And tonight, let’s enjoy life

Raul Rubiera

Here’s the thing about Pitbull: He always looks like he’s having a good time (here with Miami legend Trick Daddy). Probably because he always knew one day he’d be…

Mr. Worldwide

Miami 305

And he’d be doing stuff like this.