Experts say Miami is so cheap, you can get a place for $20. Here’s what they got wrong

Miami has the cheapest hotel rooms in the country when compared to other popular vacation destinations, according to a recent study by the team at WalletHub, and the options are three-star.

Visitors to the city can find rooms with nightly rates as low as $25 on online booking websites, researchers say. At that rate, Miami’s hotel offerings beat out the 79 other cities, including Boston, which has the highest hotel costs at $145 per night.

If a $25 hotel room in Miami sounds a little outrageous to you, you’re not alone. We assumed the experts got it wrong (because they don’t know this city like we do) and that they were really talking about those hooker motels out in Coral Gables that book by the hour.

Turns out we were wrong… but they were wrong, too.

9 Best South Beach Budget Hotels

There are places to stay, and on South Beach, for a whopping $14 a night. Yep, we did our own research and found several hostels that advertise bed and breakfast for under $20. Emphasis on bed (because that’s all you get).

This hostel, located at 1255 West Avenue, has free Wifi, a hot tub and bar for $14 a night. But you have to sleep in a bunk. via

For example, in a hostel just west of Alton Road, you can sleep in a bunk in a 500 square-foot room with nine other people for a discounted price of $14. You’ll have to share the kitchen and bathroom with as many as 12 other people, and according to reviews, “free breakfast is cornflakes,” but hey $14.

For something closer to the beach with that same $14 burning a hole in your pocket, there are options in one of the many Art Deco buildings on Ocean Drive.

Some of these places even have a lobby! And a rooftop lounge and bar, but you’ll still have to put your belongings in a locker because, you know, $14 hostel.

This hostel, at 928 Ocean Drive, has a swanky lounge and rooftop bar. But the bright paint in the dorms is a cautionary reminder not to bring guests upstairs. via

So if optional blankets, the odd roach or two and a bunch of screaming randos is your idea of a summer getaway (these are real reviews), then welcome to Miami!