Stitches, rapper with stupid tattoos, does stupid things

We never want to see Stitches in a mugshot again.

Turns out tattoos aren’t the only stupid thing when it comes to South Florida rapper Stitches.

But with a face like his, riddled in questionable markings, it’s only logical to challenge his decision-making. We’ll get to those tattoos later, though.

The 21-year-old, whose real name is Phillip Katsabanis, is facing charges after driving his 2011 Porsche to the South Beach Whole Foods and parking it in a handicap spot.

We don’t know what the rapper purchased at the upscale market (it’s not in the police report) but we do know a customer snitched on him for failing to have a parking decal.

Lesson: Be nice and don’t try to outpace fellow customers to the line for the register.

Also: Snitches get Stitches… the rapper.

When police stopped him, Stitches willingly gave an officer a “slightly burned marijuana joint,” according to a police report.

Police found more weed, a Glock and 46 bullets in Katsabanis’ car plus an Oxycodone pill in his pocket.

He’s now facing charges for weed possession, carrying a concealed gun and for having drugs without a prescription.

Now for that list of tattoos on Stitches’ head: 

  • Under the hairline — “F*** a job”
  • Near his right ear — A spider
  • Along his jawline (right) — A high-power rifle
  • Forehead (right) — No idea???
  • Forehead (middle) — A teddy bear
  • Forehead (left) — Indecipherable nonsense
  • Below left eye — A star
  • Sides of mouth — Stitches

You are absolutely welcome.

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