POLL: Vote to tell the Marlins where to stick their home run sculpture

What should we do with the Marlins home run sculpture? And no, "set fire to it" is not one of the approved answers.

There are two kinds of people in South Florida: The kind who revel in the gaudy kitsch of the Miami Marlins home run sculpture and the kind who view it with horror and dismay. Much like they do with many of the Marlins’ moves.

The team’s new owner Derek Jeter, we know, falls into the hater category. “It’s unique,” he has said of the $2.5 million sculpture by Red Grooms. We all know “unique” translates into “Get that hideous structure out of my sight before I vomit.”

But Jeter may not be able to remove the eyesore, I mean artwork, from the stadium. And at one point, the county considered  moving it to Museum Park in downtown Miami. This is not a popular choice for a whistling, fish-and-flamingo ridden structure inasmuch as there are actual non-hideous sculptures on the premises.

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So what should the Marlins do with the Grooms’ sculpture? Vote and let us know what you think.

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