Forget the hot Gainesville cops. In Miami, FPL workers get us excited.

Lineman Titus Beaumonan, with Pike company working with FPL reconnects a main power line at the intersection of !37 Ave and 140 Street in Kendall a day after Hurricane Irma left South Florida heading to the West coast, on September 11, 2017.

The Gainesville Police are getting all the social media love, what with their handsome selfies and beards.

Sure, they can stop crime. But can they make your microwave work?Gainesville Police Department’s Facebook page

But in Miami, nothing gets us going like the sight of a man in a neon yellow vest and an FPL bucket reconnecting our damaged electrical grid. Here’s a look at the unsung heroes of South Florida’s post-Hurricane Irma recovery. (On the real, if you see them out in the field, give them some water or soda. They are working overtime.)

Look at how he connects those wires. 

Whatever he’s doing, it looks really sexy.

Team work makes the dream work.

And by dream, I mean my air conditioning.

MORE CABLES! We need more cables.

Neon yellow is our favorite color.

I don't know what he's doing, but it's getting me excited

He’s got the magic stick.

Get that branch off that wire. Do it. Yes. 

The way he removes debris gets me all hot and bothered. Wait, that’s just because I have no A/C.

I need a hero

Push it real good.

Jim Morin says it best