Miami Lakes says Hialeah is ruining its ‘brand.’ Here’s why they are lucky to be associated with Hialeah

Are you telling us Flanigan's isn't an excellent dating destination?Chris Cutro from Miami Herald Archives

Miami Lakes is lobbying to change its ZIP Codes,  which it shares with Hialeah. It makes sense — each municipality has its own government, charters, and ordinances.

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But Miami Lakes Mayor Manny Cid gave a different reason for wanting to make the break. “Really, it’s a branding issue,” he said. “We work hard to brand ourselves as one of the best places to live in South Florida … But when you get your mail you don’t see that.”


That hurts. Especially since we already discussed all the things that make Hialeah amazing. So here I present to you all the reasons why Miami Lakes is LUCKY to share a zipcode with Hialeah.

Flanigans > Miami Lakes Ale House

President and CEO James G. Flanigan II knows which Flanigan’s to go to to get lit: Hialeah FTW.Chris Cutro from Miami Herald Archives

There’s only one reason anybody goes to the Miami Lakes Ale House: they couldn’t get a table at the Hialeah Flanigans.

Where is your Palacio?

Can we all say it together: CHICHARRONES!!!

Technically, Palacio de Los Jugos  belongs to us. But we are kind enough to share it with you because we know what happens when you are craving some guarapo.

Botanicas > Actual doctors

Photo/Only In Hialeah

You all may have good doctors, but we have botanicas. Good luck not getting sick this flu season without some holy water and a San Lazaro charm.

Miami Lakes is a maze

Everybody complains about how confusing the streets in Hialeah are. Miami Lakes, have you met yourself? A billion cul-de-sacs won’t make you any classier.

You can’t quit us

Hooters girls. Probably not the ones that work in the Hialeah Hooters.Hooters of America

Say whatever you want about Hialeah, I’m sure we’ll see a ton of you infiltrados at the Hooters on 49th Street next time there’s a game.

Keep it real

Nobody in Hialeah acts like they are too good for No…Que Barato!Donna E. Natale Planas

Miami Lakes is full of people from Hialeah who think they made it. Newsflash — if you really made it, you’d be in Coral Gables.