Miami has crazy tattoo people. But none of them are this outrageous.

A screenshot of Catt Gallinger's botched purple eye tattoo. (Gallinger/Facebook)

A Canadian woman tried to color her eyes purple with a “sclera tattoo.” In the game of Stupid Tattoos, she wins.

South Florida is home to at least two questionably tattooed individuals — the rapper Stitches and the Miami Joker. We’ve also made headlines for some rather dangerous black market body modifications (butt jobs gone bad).

Outrageous Miami body modifications, tattoos
This is Miami crazy.

But none of those things, and I mean none of them, compare to the recklessness of one Canadian model who decided the whites of her eyes were just not good enough THEN PROCEEDED TO GET THEM TATTOOED PURPLE.

Yea, even we don’t have that level of stupidity here.

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Now Canadian model Catt Gallinger is crying purple tears on social media, warning people not to be as shortsighted. The results of her botched “sclera tattoo” have left her with compromised vision and an ugly purple protruding mass of an eye.

According to Gallinger, the issue wasn’t that she wanted the procedure done; it’s the tattooist’s fault for doing it incorrectly.

~*PLEASE SHARE THIS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE*~ -Sclera Tattoo- (Whites of the eye tattoo)For everyone…

Posted by Catt Gallinger on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

She has the rest of her life to think about it.

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