Help us solve the mystery of the Presidente Supermarket logo.

Presidente Supermarket

Miami is not a normal place. If you’ve visited, you know the city is in a category of its own. If you live here, you probably get the occasional feeling that you and the fellow Miamians you love do things a little differently.

Most the time, it’s completely cool. Like when a police officer doesn’t pull you over for driving 50 mph down a residential street because he’s casually driving just a bit faster than you. Other times, the sensation that Miami is just a little off leads to burning questions.

That’s exactly what happened to me when I kept seeing this mysterious woman every day on my commute home.

She’s pushing a grocery cart and appears to be stuck in some other decade. And chances are you’ve seen her, too. She’s the accompanying logo at some of Miami’s Presidente Supermarkets.

A large sign, now blown away by Irma, at Presidente Supermarket on the 79th Street Causeway in North Bay Village.

But who is she?

“A very nice looking girl with a food cart,” Fausto Alvarez, a corporate spokesperson for Presidente Supermarket, said.

OK, but where is she from? When did she become part of Presidente’s brand? What’s her name and what is she going to do with the stuff in her shopping cart?

Alvarez, a longtime Presidente Supermarket employee, was amused by my barrage of questions. He said no one had ever bothered to ask about the peculiar woman.

“You’re the first one — that’s why for now it’s Chloe. We’re naming her Chloe,” he said.

And that’s pretty much where my quest for answers ended because that’s all basically anyone knows.

But guess who has more to say about the mysterious Presidente Supermarket lady? Me.

She has no name. No back story. She’s not a CEO’s wife. And apparently no one at Presidente Supermarket, which has grown its franchise to more than 30 locations since opening in Miami in 1990, cares.

But I care, at least enough to put out a call for action to anyone who may know Ms. Presidente.

Here’s what I do know:

She doesn’t shop for groceries often

The Presidente Supermarket logo lady hanging out at NE 125th Street store.

First, check out the heeled boots. No one dresses like that to go grab groceries. Then there’s all that unbagged produce in her shopping cart. Only a novice would place a bare head of broccoli onto that bed of lemons. It’s puzzling at best, repulsive at worst.

She’s not from Miami

The Presidente Supermarket logo lady as seen on North Bay Village

Back to the boots, which she paired with leggings, a skirt and jacket. Sure, it can be cold in a grocery store, but I don’t know anyone in Miami who dresses like that. Not now, not ever. Plus, take a look at her hair style. It looks crunchy and like it took a lot of time, probably with crimping iron or straws. Her hair in South Florida? Unrealistic.

She’s probably a stock image

The Presidente Supermarket logo lady is everywhere

This is the most realistic answer to my questions about the Presidente Supermarket logo lady. The grocery chain’s spokesperson told me she was first introduced during a television campaign created by some advertising agency. He just couldn’t remember when.

But just because she’s likely a stock photo, doesn’t mean the Presidente Supermarket logo lady isn’t somewhere out there. Does she know she’s the face of one the fastest growing Hispanic grocery stores in the country?

Does she care?

If you have any information about the logo lady at Presidente Supermarkets, please send an email to