Dwyane Wade says he wants to come back to Miami but signs with Cavs. We have feelings about this.

We still love ya, D Wade.

Dwyane Wade wants to come back to Miami. Just not right now.

That’s what he says, anyway. The former Miami Heat star, who left the 305 to join the Chicago Bulls, recently told the Associated Press “the door’s always unlocked.”

“One day I want to retire in a Miami Heat jersey,” Wade said. “I don’t know how that will happen, but I definitely want to make sure that when I decide to hang it up, that jersey is on.”

We’re glad to hear you want to come back, Dwyane. Wade County hasn’t been the same without you. And we’re willing to wait. We have exciting players in Heat jerseys to watch this season. You said yourself the Heat doesn’t require your presence right now: “They don’t need me there over their shoulder or anything like that.”

That’s super thoughtful. And we’re patient. We remember when Alonzo Mourning left and came back (and won a championship ring). We love Zo.

Look, we’ll admit seeing you in that Cleveland Cavaliers jersey makes us queasy.

Welcome to The Land, @dwyanewade! #AllForOne

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Ugh. That visual is more painful than looking at the scoreboard when your team is playing Golden State.

But yeah, it would be worse if we had to see you in a Knicks jersey (please God, no). Had that happened, we’d be throwing up too much to form a coherent sentence. And we know you wanna play with your pal LeBron. Who wouldn’t? We hope you guys have a good time, and frankly if someone has to win the East besides the Heat – 305 till we die, etc. – we hope it’s you guys.

So enjoy your time in Cleveland. Do us a favor and beat the Celtics, OK? In the meantime we’ll cheer for Waiters and Whiteside and Winslow. We’ll scream for Dragic and the Brothers Johnson and UD and the rest.

But this is still your house. We’ll be here when you’re ready to come home.

Remember when you won your first championship with Shaq? We do. It was awesome.Jared Lazarus