Did Wade steal an Indiana Pacer move? Come on. You know better than that.

D Wade vs. the Philadelphia 76ers. Charles Trainor, Jr.

The IndyStar had a question this morning: Did the Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade steal a celebratory move from an Indiana Pacers player?

Answer: The IndyStar needs a history lesson. So let us begin.

Dwyane Wade, who rejoined the Heat to much rejoicing in Miami, hit a shot Tuesday night with five seconds left to lift his team over the Philadelphia 76ers.

Here it is, if you missed it (if you saw it, it’s worth watching again):

The IndyStar covers “a city that excites,” according to its Twitter description. It’s apparently so exciting someone dared to suggest that Wade’s subsequent “This is my house” move was stolen from Indiana Pacer Victor Oladipo, who apparently does some sort of gesture known as the “My City” move.

Now because of its location, the IndyStar is forced to cover the Indiana Pacers. We are sorry for that. We are tempted to dislike the Pacers, but really we have more important things to do (and also we’re still not really sure where Indiana is). Plus we need to save our energy for important things, like wishing LeBron would come back to Miami, trying to figure out if we should buy more Miami Vice Heat gear, hating the Boston Celtics and laughing at the New York Knicks.

But that “This is My House” move of Wade’s? It’s not new. He’s been doing it for years, most famously in a game against the Chicago Bulls on March 9, 2009 (you’ll see it at 6:31, but enjoy the highlights).

He scored 48 points in this game wearing an El Heat jersey and won in double OT. Victor seems like a nice kid, but here’s what he was doing in 2009.

Whereas Dwyane Wade’s moment is so famous you can buy a T shirt of it at the Heat store.

So, sorry, Indy. D Wade doesn’t need to steal celebrations from your players. He’s back in his house, where he belongs. And he’s happy to remind everybody of that fact.

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