As Bebe shuts down its stores, here’s a requiem for its most iconic looks

Were you aware that Bebe had about 10 stores in South Florida? No? Well you are part of the reason why the 41-year-old retailer of fine women’s garb is now shutting down all its stores and, presumably, moving its operation online exclusively. 

That’s right. The retailer that defined its look as “unique, sophisticated and timelessly sexy” is going belly up just like The Limited and Wet Seal and other retailers that can’t compete with Amazon online and H&M IRL.  

No more Bebe on Lincoln Road or Dadeland Mall or The Falls. Or Aventura Mall or Miami International Mall. Not even Sawgrass Mills gets to sell Bebe’s “next-generation chic” designs.

You guys blew it.

Let’s take a look at what we’ll be missing.


1. Bebe's signature knock off Herve Leger bandage dress

So you’re too broke for Herve Leger (aren’t we all?). You could still snag the “Real Housewife of Somewhere” look of the real deal for a 10th of the price at Bebe. This particular model was a mere $98, compared with the average $1,050 for an original. But wait, you get nothing now because there’s no more Bebe for you!

2. Rhinestones in the shape of 'bebe'

It is a sad day when the women of Miami have to go to the internet to fill their closets with shirts that have this logo front and center.

3. Fashion track suits

Bebe’s activewear was always so comfy. Unfortunately, you could not leave the house wearing it unless you wanted to look like a time traveler from 2003.

4. Work to club wear

Granted, this outfit is not likely designed to be worn to a place of business, yet the average Bebe shopper doesn’t care. The jacket says “take me seriously!” while the length of the skirt says “LIV or Story?”

5. These shoes

Platform flip flops. Sigh. These shoes were worn by Bebe shoppers worldwide and almost exclusively paired with a Bebe rhinestone t-shirt. They probably were a package deal. Now we are going to have to exist in a world where we can’t just drive to the Falls and grab a pair on our way to Mattheson Hammock.

I hope you all are happy.