You didn’t know Miami had its own Joker. But you could’ve guessed he’s a fool

The correlation between face tattoos and doing stupid things just got a lot stronger and this time it has nothing to do with infamous South Florida rapper Stitches.

That’s because Stitches isn’t the only person (read: moron) with unsightly facial markings. Nope, somewhere in the suburbs of Kendall lives a green-haired 29-year-old man by the name of Lawrence Patrick Sullivan. But you can just call him the Miami Joker.

Before we get into the stupid thing he did that got him placed behind bars, let’s take a look at his tattoos, shall we?


After taking a good look at the Miami Joker’s permanent ink, the uncanny similarities to Stitches are glaring. But the Miami Joker, unlike the 21-year-old rapper, was not stopped by police after parking in a handicap spot.

Instead, Sullivan was arrested for allegedly pointing a loaded gun at passing vehicles. No one was injured, according to police, but we can all admit that his use of a gun was stupid (and irresponsible). Then when we take into consideration the fact that he doesn’t even legally own the gun, we’re not sure which is the bigger disaster: His face or the reason for his arrest.

Something else ridiculous? The Miami Joker seems to believe he has a legitimate career as a “tattoo model,” according to his arrest affidavit.

Now it’s time for a really embarrassing confession.  This isn’t the first time has come in contact with the Miami Joker. Check out these Instagram photos from the Miami Lowrider Show.

Some snaps from the Miami Lowrider Show on Saturday at the Miami-Dade fairgrounds, via @davidovalle

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